Law News

1 March 2018
Grants Awarded to Renewable Energy Sources by Agriculture and Rural Development Support Institution (“ARDSI”)
The renewable energy sector is moving fast, new technologies are developed, and existing technologies are now more cost effective. Turkey is one of the fastest growing […]
15 May 2021
Amendment in the Implementation of Annual Leave with Pay
Amendment in the Implementation of Annual Leave with Pay   Implementation of annual leave with pay was amended with Code No: 67 that was published in […]
15 May 2021
Electronic Notebook Warrants’ uploading period was extended until 31.05.2016
For those who use e-notebook, the deadline creating and signing of the e-notebooks and also uploading the “Electronic Notebook Warrants” was 2.05.2016. Revenue Administration has extended […]
15 May 2021
Procedures And Principles Of The Income Discount That Will Be Applied To Taxpayers Who Are Subject To Simple Entry
A notice has been published regarding the procedures and principles of the income discount. With the Code no: 6663 Art.2 that was published in the 10.02.2016 […]